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Harmonica and Piano Lessons: Adults, Beginners Welcome

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Music Lessons with Sam Barry


Quickly learn all you need to know to play straight and blues harmonica on the common (and inexpensive) 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Learn folk songs, blues riffs, and how to improvise. I can give you a good foundation in four lessons, at which point you can carry on with me, or work on your own.

I also give lessons on the chromatic harmonica, an instrument that plays in all keys and is most often associated with jazz legend Toots Thielmann or pop artist Stevie Wonder.


Learn to play blues, melodies over chords, how to accompany voice and other instruments, how to read a fake sheet, and basic improvisational skills.

General Information

On all instruments I provide practical theory—that is, the kind that helps you understand what you're playing, how to learn songs, and how to play with others.

I teach out of my home in the inner Sunset in San Francisco. Call for lesson rates and schedule. Each lesson is 50 minutes long. Generally, I work with people on weekly or bi-weekly schedule, but I'm flexible based on people's budgets and individual needs.

Sam Barry
25 years performing and playing experience

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