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Auntie Poo &
the Porta-Potties:
"Potty Animal"

Funny Songs About Potty Training

"My sons love to sing about poop and pee, and I sure wish I'd had these songs when I was their age."
Matt Groening

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About "Potty Animal"

"After three sessions with "Potty Animal," my dog Bubba has stopped pooping in the living room, and is so moved by the lyrics he's started to create some of his own doggerel."
Amy Tan

"These songs have completely changed my life. You should see my underwear."
Dave Barry

"Number two on the hit parade."
Roy Blount, Jr.

"This lovely music should go far to satisfy the natural prurience and foul-mindedness endemic to small children. I guarantee they'll ADORE it!"
Jessica Mitford

"I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. But I didn't . . . It works!"
Dave Marsh

While they learn to use the potty, your kids will have fun singing along with Auntie Poo & the Porta-Potties.

It may seem scary now, but soon
You'll be singing a different tune
When you have to poop or pee
The potty is the perfect place to be
Oh dear, whatcha gonna do?
Number one or number two?
Sittin' here, cause it's potty time
Everything's gonna come out just fine!

from "Everything's Gonna Come Out Just Fine"
© Goldmark & Schields

"Potty Animal" is a production of Grandma Records, the children's label of "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records. This collaboration features lyrics by Kathi Kamen Goldmark (BMI) and Gretchen Schields (BMI), music by Kathi and illustrations by Gretchen. Be sure to check the Live Appearances page to see about upcoming television and radio appearances.

Selections on "Potty Animal"


Auntie Poo N. Potts
Lead & background vocals
Connie Commode
Pedal steel guitar
Donna "Squeeze" d'Charmin
Background vocals
P.P. Devine
Washboard & percussion
Downwind Billy
Accordion & washboard
Ty D. Dydee
Bertram "Swirley" Flushrite
Flush Gordon
Bass & kazoo
Perri Stalsis
Background vocals
Peter Tucker
I.M. Wett
Rusty Zipper
Pedal steel guitar and background vocals
Kids Chorus:
Carla Selvin, Elinor Lauden & Little Johnny, with "Billy's Kids": Kelly Buscovich, Michelle Riera, Eli Trichon & William N. Trichon
Choral director & kazoo meister
Billy Philadephia
Kazoo solo
Ari "The Lips" Cushner, Alison Victor
Kathi Kamen Goldmark

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