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Here are a few personal photos of our artists. Be sure to check back since we'll be changing these whenever we feel like it. Please be patient: These photos take a few minutes to load.

Photo Album Live Appearances

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"You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover" -Kathi Kamen Goldmark and Stephen King performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opening in Cleveland.
(Photo Credit: Susanne Moss)

Remainders Rhythm Dominatrix Amy Tan with Ridley Pearson on bass.
(Photo Credit: Susanne Moss)

Dave Marsh gets down (but not that far).
(Photo Credit: Susanne Moss)

Norris Church Mailer at her New York recording session.
(Photo Credit: Susanne Moss)

Michael Ross and Tananarive Due at Miami recording session.

"The Tourettes" share an angelic moment. l-r: Keta Bill, Kathleen Enright, KK Goldmark; in front: Carla Selvin.
(Photo Credit: Ben Fong-Torres)

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