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Our catalog describes the recordings and merchandise we sell. We ship to destinations in the United States and Canada. (Unfortunately, except for Canada, we can no longer offer international shipping.) We accept payments by PayPal, check, or money order. Use the catalog to order items using PayPal. For payments by check or money order, see the order form and instructions below.

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Paying by PayPal

To pay for your order by PayPal, go to the catalog. On the catalog page:

Paying by Check or Money Order

To pay for your order by check or money order:
  1. Print out the order form on this page and fill in your order information.
  2. Enclose a check or money order payable to "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Productions.
  3. Mail your order form and payment to:

    "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records
    PMB #120
    236 West Portal Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94127-1423

If you have any questions about placing an order or about an order that you have sent in, please email us at kkg@well.com or call us at (415) 664-3333.

Order Form



City/State/ZIP Code:



Catalog Item Quantity Price Item Subtotal
"Decca & the Dectones"
#1A Cassette Single @$6.00= 
#1B CD Single @$8.00= 
"There Is a Moral to It All"
#2A Cassette @$6.00= 
"A Celebration"
#3A Cassette   @$10.00= 
"Lit-Rock Sampler #1"
#4A Cassette   @$10.00= 
"Stranger Than Fiction"
#15A Double CD Set  @$25.00= 
Remainders T-Shirt
#5A Paprika, Size Large  @$17.00= 
"Big Lou's Polka Casserole"
#10A CD   @$15.00= 
"Required Reading"
#11A Cassette   @$10.00= 
"You Bug Me!"
#13A CD   @$15.00= 
#13B Cassette   @$10.00= 
"Masterpiece Weirder"
#17A CD   @$15.00= 
"Rage Against the Mundane"
#18A CD   @$15.00= 
"Potty Animal"
#14A CD   @$15.00= 
#14B Cassette   @$10.00= 
Merchandise Total $  
Shipping & Handling Charge:
Add shipping and handling based on your merchandise total. Add $5.00 for merchandise totaling $6.00 to $49.00; $10.00 for merchandise totaling $50.00 to $99.00; $15.00 for orders merchandise totaling $100.00 to $199.00; $20 for merchandise totaling $200 or more.
Order Total:
Add the Merchandise Total and the Shipping & Handling Charge. Please send this amount.

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