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Fong-Torres, Ben

Ben Fong-Torres' most recent book is Not Fade Away: A Backstage Pass to 20 Years of Rock & Roll (Miller Freeman Books). His other books include The Hits Just Keep on Coming: The History of Top 40 Radio, and Hickory Wind: The Life and Times of Gram Parsons. He hosted the San Francisco radio show, Fog City Radio, which aired on KQED-FM. The interviews with Jessica Mitford and Maya Angelou on "There Is a Moral to It All" are recorded from two Fog City Radio broadcasts. He performs "Rainy Day Bookstores" on the "Stranger Than Fiction" double CD. He is currently the Editorial Director of the Internet music site, myplay.

Phillips, David

David, an Oxford scholar (Oxford, Georgia, that is) has been performing and recording, on guitar and pedal steel guitar, in the Bay Area since 1979. His recording credits include: Tom Waits' Grammy-winning album, "Bone Machine," Stephen Yerkey's "Confidence, Man," The Charlie Hunter Trio, and Valerie Lawrence's "Blue Like a White Bone." He has toured and recorded as a member of The Potato Eaters and plays on a semi-regular basis with about seventeen different Bay Area country-rock bands. David has been immortalized by Amy Tan, in her chapter of Mid-Life Confidential, for "not being a dweeb." In addition to his musical accomplishments, David owns a landscaping business.

Ross, Michael (AKA Hoagy Guitarmichael)

Guitarist Michael Ross (alias Hoagy Guitarmichael) has not had the most lucrative of careers to date, but he has had one of the more interesting ones. From Carterette, New Jersey, to Keflavik, Iceland, he has played Crosby, Stills and Nash tunes to accompany belly dancers, C&W to one-armed women in sleeveless dresses beating up their boyfriends, Beatles tunes behind English muckrakers and Nancy Sinatra tunes sung by famous Chinese-American authors in full dominatrix drag -- not to mention Muddy Waters tunes sung (with liberties taken) by 12-year-old boys.

He is currently plaing with James Armstrong (Hightone Records) and anyone else who will pay him. He hopes to soon be trading a poor person's problems for those of a rich person. Or, as he puts it, "If money is the root of all evil, I've been bucking for sainthood!"

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